Lilydale Preschool Playground Renewal

Replacing existing concrete stairs and an existing play structure combo, the playground design creates multiple playing routes for kids. Under a large existing tree, the preschool kids can expand their play experience through a dry creek, a bamboo forest, a grass mound with embarkment slides, and more.
ferris wheel

Low Residence Landscape

Private garden can be charming and dynamic. Working with the house owners, we created multi-funtional spaces that meet all family members' needs, which includes a native garden, a veggie garden, a mini sports court in the backyard. With romatic pink and purple flowering climbers, the garden will be full of colors during blossming period.

Climate Responsive Planning and Design Studies

Atmospheric conditions have significant impacts on micro-climate conditions, which influences on how people fee and experience in public spaces. This study explored the level of the influences and identified a new planning and design methodology to reponse and create a better micro-climate conditions for residents in a residential block.

Solar Tree

Solar tree is a land art that can generate clean energy. It situates in a linear park beside the light rail that transits to and from downtown Abu Dhabi. As the light rail passing by, residents and tourists will catch a glimpse of the solar tree beside and wonder what the magnificent tree-like artworks are.
USAF rocket

Super Gate, Beating Heart

The design is dedicated to creating a living landscape structure and a rhythmic spatial system, which integrates transportation, ecology and other complex systems as one whole, and creates a significant exchange portal.

Tunnel of Time

By integrating the story of the site, tunnel of time intends to guide its visitors to experience a series of exciting time-travelling adventures, including an enigmatic prehistory theme, a natural theme and an urban theme. It not only provides public spaces for the community, but connects surrounding commercial and tourist attractions, which plays a unique role in a broader city scale.

Lot 342, Serenity Blvd

A rich and dedicatedly-designed garden at home is the closest outdoor space that residents can access. Being close to natural elements, a small fish pond with attractive aquatics in front of the bedroom and a lush garden next to the swimming pool are the best way to relax and enjoy the sunlight.

'Journey & Home' Art Sculpture

This art installation depicts a combined complicated experience of travelling out and returning home. The design completes Linyun Lane concept of paper crane by telling a narrative that is unique to the place. It intends to provide this connection between city, nature and people in the modern setting, which stimulates profound thinking.

Teo Family Residential Development

Utilizing planting and reflective materials to create an artistic wall feature, the design reflects the adjacent yarra river and visually expands the space, which generates a more comfortable ourdoor space for residents. Looking through the windows, the artwork becomes live paintings that changes overtime.

Flexi Street | Comfort Street | Smart Street | Future Street

This design transforms a unorganized street into a dynamic and welcoming street for all. Shared zones limit vehicle travel speed and volume to ensure an easy and safe access for cyclists and pedestrians. Street trees with large canopy reduce the heat effect in hot summers. Larger open spaces are created for resting and gathering by removing street carparks.